Professional materials management for your company

Make use of Mainsite's know-how to organize your entire flow of goods from ordering material all the way to shipping your finished products.

Material disposition:

By way of system-based assessment of demand driven by requirements in prior periods and available inventories, we will determine for you the most efficient stock level to assure flawless supply of your company with all required materials in the specified quality and quantity.

Incoming goods inspections:

If so agreed, we will handle your entire incoming goods processes incl. quality and quality inspections and will transport the goods directly to your points of consumption.

Shipping processes:

Mainsite will also handle outgoing shipment of your finished products incl. packaging and hiring messenger services or forwarding companies as well as compilation of all required documents and records – for shipment outside Germany, also including all customs papers.

Waste disposal:

Waste disposal? No problem, our qualified personnel will also handle all kinds of waste for you efficiently and in accordance with all applicable ordinances and regulations. If so required, we will have your assigned personnel trained and qualified by our professionals.

Postal services:

Our postal service is available to handle both distribution of your incoming mail as well as processing and stamping your outgoing mail.

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