Medical services

For all medical issues, the Industrie Center Obernburg has a medical team headed by a company physician specialized on occupational medicine who also provides treatment and consultation services to non-resident companies.

Medical attendance to companies of all types

Occupation-medical attendance to companies of all industries and in all employers' liability insurance associations (Berufsgenossenschaften) in accordance with DGUV regulations 2 (German Social Accident Insurance) (regular attendance with basic and company-specific attendance as well as attendance of the basis of entrepreneurial model):

  • support of preparation and/or revision of risk assessments
  • occupation-medical consulting as well as cooperation with employers, on-the-job safety officers, works/staff council, severely-handicapped employees representative, safety administrator e.g. on such issues as ergonomics, mental stress at work, etc.
  • instructing and training employees on occupation-medical issues
  • participation at ASA meetings (industrial safety committee), site inspections
  • support of establishment and management of company health management systems
  • management of occupational reintegration: supporting reintegration of employees with long-term illness or employees with reduced or impaired performance
  • assistance with organization of corporate first-aid facilities
  • investigation of accidents
  • support of occupational illness prevention programs
  • individual health consulting to staff members (health prevention, travel medicine consulting, e.g. also in context with occupation-medical prevention
  • occupation-medical prevention – mandatory, optional and customized health programs  in compliance with Arbeitsmedizinische Vorsorgeverordnung (ArbMedVV) (preventive occupational medicine regulations) – statutory certifications for both employers and employees with schedules for re-examination
  • conducting examinations in compliance with diverse statutory regulations (e.g. in accordance with Strahlenschutzverordnung StrlSchV (radiation protection regulations) and Röntgenverordnung RöV (German x-ray ordinance)
  • conducting aptitude tests e.g. driving, steering, monitoring activities
  • conducting pre-employment examinations in compliance with risk assessment rating for the designated type of assignment
Preventive medicine

Preventive medicine:

  • Supporting preventive activities to promote health (both in the company and for individuals, e.g. in form of in-house programs on ergonomics, mental health, etc.).
Health protection activities

Health protection activities for particular health issues:

  • Our program for health campaigns for particular health issues (e.g. flu vaccination program, screening for fecal occult blood, blood sugar and cholesterol examinations at the site or also for external customers).
Medical attendance to ill & injured persons

Medical attendance to acutely ill & injured persons in the ICO:

  • Operating medical ambulance facilities and internal emergency services.

Our offer to conduct medical examinations, e.g.

  • in compliance with FEV – Fahrerlaubnisverordnung (LKW) (German driving license regulations for heavy-duty vehicles)
  • in accordance with GTUEM (Tauchtauglichkeit) (diving examinations)
  • in accordance with Strahlenschutzverordnung, Röntgenverordnung (radiation protection regulations; German x-ray ordinance)

You're looking for preventive occupational medical care in your company or you need an examination appointment? We'd be delighted to provide advice!

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